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  • 七月 10, 2017

    Sequential Precision Divider (SPD)

    Perten Instruments has designed a grain sample divider which allows the user to obtain a randomized sample from 50% down to 3.125% of a bulk sample in one single step. Five different crops were used to verify a prototype design in terms of randomization, and the theoretical maximum dividing capacity of 3.125%.

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  • 十月 26, 2012

    Global calibrations for animal feed

    Using non-linear regression techniques such as Support Vector Machines or Honig's Regression it is possible to develop truly global calibrations for all types of feed without loss of performance. In addition, Honig's Regression is a self-learning technique which doesn't require recalculations of the calibration model.

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  • 一月 1, 2005

    How the RVA can contribute to understanding extruded foods and feeds

    The RVA can be used to evaluate all phases of extruded product during production, including raw material, dough, intermediates, dried half-products and final products. Pasting, mechanical and thermal pathways of starch degradation can be observed in the RVA curve, thus it is possible to use RVA paste rheology to assess the degree of cook of an extrudate.

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