Tahıl ve un analiz cihazları

Enclosed in a dust-proof housing, it analyzes whole grains, flour, semolina, bran, bakery mixes and many other sample types. The DA 7250 measures, moisture, protein, ash, water absorption, starch damage and more - all without grinding or other sample preparation. Read more about the DA 7250 NIR instrument.


Inframatic 9500 NIR Grain and Flour Analyzer

Grain and flour analyzer for 50-second analysis of Moisture, Protein, Hectoliter Weight and other parameters in whole grains, and Moisture, Protein, Ash and more in flour. Read more about the Inframatic 9500 Grain Analyzer


DA 7300 In-line NIR Sensor

The DA 7300 analyzes the product stream providing real-time measurements of moisture, protein ash, starch damage, color, speck counts and more for process control and optimization. In addition to color and speck counts, the integrated color video camera provides a live video feed of the moving product from inside the process. Read more about the DA 7300 In-line NIR Sensor.



AACCI approved analysis of flour water absorption, dough development and mixing tolerance. The doughLAB makes a dough and analyzes it according to the traditional 20 minute test and the new 10-minute high-speed mixing test (AACCI 54-70.01). Read more about the doughLAB.


Falling Number

The Falling Number method is the world standard method for detection of sprout damage in grain and f lour. Detecting one shipment of sprouted grain can pay for an instrument. Read more about Falling Number.



Measure gluten content and quality with the world standard Glutomatic system. Tests are performed on flour and whole wheat meal – removing the need for time consuming test milling to obtain a sample. Read more about the Glutomatic.


BVM Volume Meter

The BVM-L Series is a laser-topography based instrument that provides fast, accurate, non-destructive and reproduceble measurement of volume. Results are displayed in a table and as an archivable 3D image. An available load cell provides product weight, specific volume and density. Read more about the BVM volume meter.


TVT Texture Analyzer

The TVT compresses, pulls or cuts samples while measuring postition and force over time to describe textural properties of food products. It determines characteristics such as staling, hardness, compressibility, and springiness in breads, cookies, cakes, crackers and other baked goods. Read more about the TVT Texture Analyzer.



The RVA measures flour functional characteristics like gelatinization, solvent retention capacity (SRC), enzyme activity from fungus, sprout or insect damage, degree of cook from heat treatment and diastatic activity from added malt flour or fungal amylase. Read more about the RVA.


Aquamatic 5200  Grain Moisture  Meter

The AM 5200 is the most accurate grain moisture meter. It measures moisture and test weight/hectoliter weight in both incoming and tempered grain in 10 seconds. Read more about the AM 5200 Grain Moisture Meter.


Lab mills

These long-lasting, agency-approved hammer and disc mills make sample preparation easy. Read more about Lab mills.