Etanol Üretimi

Perten's analytical instruments help ethanol producers improve efficiency. Whether you produce ethanol from agricultural feedstock, cellulosic materials such as agricultural residues, dedicated energy crops, wood residues or paper waste - Perten can help you test feedstock and enzymes, monitor production processes and verify specification of by-products.

  • The DA 7250™ NIR analyzes incoming and ground grain, fermentation stages and wet and dried distiller's grain in a single instrument, with no sample preparation, in only 6 seconds.
  • The DA 7300™ NIR In-line provides real-time analysis of your DDG drying.
  • The RVA is a miniature pilot plan which allows you to mimic liquefaction and test enzymes.

Perten Instruments has become a leader in quality control equipment for ethanol production. Our customers in North America, Europe and Asia, have improved their profitability and the reliability of their processes.