Features and benefits

Use the SPD 4200 for sub-sampling for mycotoxin testing, performing visual grain inspection, performing malt germination tests, or any other application where a small representative sample is required.


In one single step, and only 15 seconds you get a fully representative sub-sample, 3.125% of the original sample size - ready to use for a variety of tests and analyses.

Easy to use

Simply pour in the sample and let it fall through the divider by gravity. Confidently used by non-technical operators.


The unique design provides a highly representative sub-sample.


Simple, robust design with no moving parts or motors provides exceptional instrument life and low cost of ownership. 


If a larger sub-sample is desired, the SPD 4200 can be used with fewer divider sections and if additional sub-samples are required, run the sample again after removing the first sub-sample.


Small footprint saves space.