Applications for RVA Viscometers

The RVA is ideal for fingerprinting the viscosity, hydration and degree of cook of wide range of products. If your application is not listed below, click on “Industries” in the menu bar and link to your industry for more applications information. Still can’t find what you are looking for? Click on “Ask us a question” below.

  • Starches and Starchy Samples:
    Native and modified starches of grains, roots, tubers and others. High-temperature characterization with the RVA 4800.
  • Hydrocolloids:
    Gelling/thickening profile, hydration profile, preparation of samples that will gel.
  • Proteins:
    Soy products, milk proteins, gluten, gelatin and egg whites.
  • Milling and Baking:
    Grain soundness and bug damage, starch pasting quality for cakes, breads, batters, pasta and noodles, flour amylase, malt amylase, fungal amylase, anti-staling, heat treatment of flour, wheat gluten quality and solvent retention capacity test.
  • Barley – Malting – Brewing:
    Predicting safe storage life for malting barley, rapid recording mashing system (and the effect of addition of enzymes, adjuncts and chemicals to malts), monitoring the progression of malting, predicting barley malting quality and simulated industrial mashing process.
  • Dairy:
    Process cheese manufacture and meltability, effect of drying temperature on milk protein powders, rennet caseinate rehydration, dairy beverages, custard, age thickening of sweetened condensed milk and “Miniature Pilot Plant” small scale manufacture of yoghurt, ice cream mix and dairy desserts. Assess ingredient suitability for UHT applications for dairy and other food products with the TVA 4800.
  • Formulated foods:
    Low viscosity products (premixes & ready to use) such as sauce, ketchup, gravy, dressing, mayonnaise, soup, other low viscosity foods with starches, hydrocolloids & proteins, melt tests such as chocolate and confectionery and “Miniature Pilot Plant” small scale emulation of manufacturing conditions.
  • Extruded and Cooked Foods:
    Ready to eat breakfast cereals, snack foods, pet foods, aqua feeds and animal feeds.