NetPlus Remote

Management of NIR instruments is easier than ever before - whether you are responsible for one or one hundred instruments.

NetPlus Remote offers a comprehensive set of features for management and optimization of NIR instruments - for single instruments and for networks of instruments. It helps you make sure that your instruments work with optimized accuracy - using the best available calibrations and proper adjustments.

NetPlus Remote relieves local staff from instrument management, allowing your specialized support team or Perten Application specialists to take care of it.

Instrument management

  • Manage instrument configuration from your desk
  • Create standard configuration and use on multiple instruments
  • Click ”Publish” and settings are sent to selected instruments

Central control of calibrations and settings

A Global NIR manager can set up controlled Analysis Profiles using NetPlus Remote and distribute to selected instruments. On the instruments they will appear with a padlock symbol as in the screenshot to the right.

Sites can analyze samples but not make changes to settings, calibrations or bias, removed the risk for local mistakes or misunderstandings.


Lab data import

  • Import reference values from file or by manual entry
  • Add parameters not included at the time of measurement
  • Advanced matching for non-identical sample IDs in NIR and Lab


Validation of NIR calibrations

  • NIR vs Lab in tables and charts
  • Validate single instruments or a group
  • Easy to apply recommended changes


Cloning of instruments

  • Groups of instruments can be cloned to master instrument
  • No need to connect to individual instruments – automatic synchronization to server