Perten Instruments' product range

Perten Instruments offer a wide range of products for total quality control of grain, flour, feed and food. Our combination of products for Compositional and Functional analysis is unique in the industry.

For a tailored list of products suitable for your needs, please go to our Industries page and follow the link which best describes your application.

DA 6200™ NIR Analyzer

Accurate and portable NIR transmittance analyzer for meat and olive processing control.

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DA 7300™ In-line NIR

An advanced and accurate In-line NIR analyzer. It is installed in a wide range of agri-food industries for analysis of grains, pellets, pastes, powders, slurries and more.

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DA 7440™ On-line NIR

On-line NIR for accurate real-time analysis of moisture, protein, fat, sugars and many more parameters.

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DA 7250™ NIR analyzer

6-second NIR analysis of all types of samples, in any type of environment. Accurate, easy to use, versatile and IP65 rated.

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Rapid Visco Analyser (RVA)

The RVA is a rotational viscometer with variable temperature and shear capabilities. Standard methods include starch pasting, degree of cook and weather damage in grain.

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Inframatic 9500

The most modern and accurate NIR grain analyzer available. Rugged design made for the grain trade.

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Inframatic 8800

The Inframatic 8800 is an on-farm NIR grain analyzer. It's rapid, accurate and portable and determines moisture, protein and oil in grains and oilseeds.

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Inframatic 9520

The Dedicated NIR Flour Analyzer for flour millers and professional bakers.

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Aquamatic 5200 Grain Moisture Tester

The most accurate wholegrain moisture meter available. 10-second analysis of moisture, specific weight and temperature in all grains and oilseeds.

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Aquamatic 5800

The AM 5800 is a battery operated, portable moisture meter benefitting from the accuracy, repeatability and reliability of the AM 5200-A.

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Falling Number®

The international standard method for determination of alpha-amylase activity in grain and flour.

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The LactoScope FTIR complies with the ISO9622/IDF141 and uses AOAC approved methodology for the analysis of fat, protein, lactose, and total solids in milk and milk derivatives.

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The CombiScope is a combined FTIR milk compositional analyzer and somatic cell counter.

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Sequential Precision Divider - SPD 4200

The SPD 4200 is a sample divider that divides a larger amount of grain into a smaller, but still representative sample.

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The world standard test for gluten quantity and quality in wheat. Measures wet gluten content, dry gluten content and the Gluten Index.

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AACCI approved analysis of flour water absorption, dough development and mixing tolerance.

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A unique dough rheometer that provides rheological data from just 4 grams of flour, wholemeal or semolina.

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Texture Analyzer - TVT 6700

Food texture measurements by compression and tension testing.

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Lab mills

A range of hammer and disk lab mills for proper and convenient sample preparation for many tests used in the grain and food industry.

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SKCS 4100

The unique instrument for hardness classification and determination of uniformity in small grains.

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BVM Volume Measurement

AACCI approved volume measurement of bread and baked products in seconds, using Laser Topography.

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The NetPlus software offers web based reporting and remote administration for selected Perten NIR instrument models.

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