Process Integration made even easier through Profibus DP interface

We have expanded our communication capabilities to include a Profibus DP interface.

The Profibus is available for our DA 7300 & DA 7400 instruments. The Profibus will simplify integration with PLC:s as a direct communication between the instrument and the PLC can now utilise already existing hardware infrastructure. This will save time and effort when the DA measurement is used for automatic process control.

The integration is made quickly and easily as we include the hardware, software as well as configuration files in our supply. A customer will simply need only to provide power and the Profibus connection. Naturally, some configuration in the PLC is also required in order to accept the measurement input.

The Profibus is a useful complement to earlier existing interfaces, including OPC, SQL, Modbus ASCII, RS-485 and analogue outputs.

For further information, please contact :

Magnus Lindgren
Process Instrumentation Manger