Perten presents Near-infrared Grain Analyzer for Farm Use

New instrument built for on-farm grain analysis is accurate, rugged, and economical.

Near-infrared (NIR) grain testing has been a fixture at large elevators and grain processors for years. An on farm grain analyzer has been desirable for some time. The demands on such an instrument are high, however, and must balance many requirements. It must be rugged and robust. It must be portable to tote around the field. It must be simple to operate, but sophisticated enough to provide accuracy similar to elevator and lab instruments. And it must do it all in a cost-effective manner.

The Inframatic 8800 was developed to address these requirements. It uses solid state components and diode array technology meaning no moving optical components. The lack of moving parts allows us to align and match instruments at the factory - one instrument is exactly like the next. This means the instruments are accurate, repeatable, and reproducible.

The Inframatic 8800 includes many features. It is highly portable as it is small, lightweight and can be operated for up to two hours on its internal battery. It incorporates a GPS allowing farmers to identify pockets of high value grain. These results can be plotted on a map allowing farmers to plan harvest and binning strategies. The rapid analysis (moisture and protein results in less than 90 seconds) provides nearly instantaneous analyses helping users to control grain drying, perform field and load-out spot checks, and determine optimal harvest times.

Business Area Manager Henrik Andrén reports “The IM 8800 is really a first for farmers. Its accuracy is similar to instruments used at elevators, but is economical enough for farm use.” He adds, “The instrument allows farmers to identify their highest value grain and to take advantage of the premiums paid for malting barley and high protein wheat.

For more information please contact:
Henrik Andrén
Business Area Manager - Grain
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