Perten Grain Analyzers Connect to MCi Auto Kicker

IM 9500 Whole Grain NIR and USDA Certified UGMA AM 5200-A Moisture Meter can be integrated into the MCi Auto-kicker from Mid Continent Industries.

By connecting the IM 9500 NTEP approved, Whole Grain NIR and AM 5200-A Moisture to the MCi Autokicker, many inbound and outbound sampling points can be automated. The system frees employees for other work by automating most sampling methods, including dockage, broken, shrunken, protein, oil content, starch content, fiber content, moisture, test weight, and temperature. The system can process a sample every 45 to 150 seconds. This allows users to check every load coming in or monitor all outbound grain with faster, more accurate information.

“The IM 9500 and AM 5200-A have gained great acceptance in the grain industry the last few years” said Gavin O'Reilly, Vice President, Food for PerkinElmer . “We are excited to add this capability for our users and to work with Mid Continent on this project.”

“We are pleased with adding the Perten connectivity to the Auto Kicker” adds Darren Wells from Mid Continent. “The Auto Kicker has already proven its value in the market and using the Perten instruments has decreased sample process time by as much as 30 seconds, which is crucial in most applications.”


For product inquiries, please contact Jory Harris, Grain Account Manager for Perten at or (217) 971 – 6045