Inframatic 9500 NIR grain analyzer officially approved in France, Czech Republic and Serbia

NTEP approved IM 9500The IM 9500 NIR Grain Analyzer has been officially approved for moisture determination in France, Czech Republic and Serbia.

The IM 9500 was evaluated by official agencies in the respective countries and met or exceeded the requirements for official moisture determinations in various grain types. With these new approvals the IM 9500 can be used for commercial settlements in grain trading.

To date, the IM 9500 is certified for the following markets and parameters:


Certificate no.


Australia   1 15-1-5  Protein
Austria   3904/2013  Moisture
Czech Republic TCM 341/14 - 5203 Moisture
France   LNE-27380  Moisture
Germany  11.26/13.01 Moisture
Serbia 393-7/0-01-906 Moisture
U.S.  13-112A1 Moisture, Protein, Oil and Test Weight

“During the past year we worked intensely with the official evaluation procedures in several key markets were certification is needed. We are pleased to have accomplished this in a relatively short time, made possible thanks to the excellent performance of the IM 9500” says Henrik Andrén, Business Area Manager for Grain at Perten.

For more information please contact:

Henrik Andrén
Business Area Manager - Grain
Tel: +46 701 01 69 63