Elasticity, dough mixing profile & flour water absorption in a single mixing test

micro-doughLAB now does the job of two traditional dough testing instruments: evaluate both the viscous and elastic properties of dough in a single instrument

A mixing stage develops the dough to measure absorption (amount of water required for a dough to reach a defined consistency), dough mixing profile (development time, stability, softening and other quality parameters) and two elasticity stages determine elasticity of dough at optimum and overmixed consistencies. The micro-doughLAB is small scale (4g flour), ideal for researchers, grain handlers, millers and bakers with limited sample and/or valuable samples and wheat breeders screening early breeder lines for quality traits.

Predict the processing characteristics and breadmaking potential of wheat flour for straight dough bulk fermentation, sponge and dough, rapid processing and Chorleywood Bread Process or other mechanical dough development, different recipes and different final bread qualities and characteristics. Integrated temperature control, variable temperature and energy input rates, and high torque range make the micro-doughLAB versatile enough to test wheat meal, flour, semolina, rye, durum, triticale, other grains and flours, additives, and full formulations for milling, baking (bread, cake, pastry, pizza crust, biscuit, cookie and cracker), pasta and Asian products (steam bread, noodles and flat bread).

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