NIR instrument quality control and optimization in noodle manufacturing


Fast and accurate quality control offer great benefits in noodle production. The DA 7250 NIR instrument can make multicomponent measurements in seconds as compared to hours with traditional methods. The DA 7250 and its previous version DA 7200 are extensively used for quality and process control by leading Chinese noodle manufacturing companies such as Ting Yi corporation with Master Kong Noodles, Uni-President enterprises corp, Baixiang Food Co.,Ltd and Jinmailang Foods Co.,Ltd.

Ting Yi Corporation and Uni-President corp, have purchased 10 and 19 Perten DA 7200 / DA 7250 instruments respectively. The instruments are used for measurements on raw materials as well as produced noodles. This has enabled production optimizations and verifications of raw material characteristics and product quality. 

The DA 7250 instrument

The Perten Diode Array instrument DA 7250, and previous version DA 7200, is unique in its measurement speed, versatility and accuracy. Using novel Diode Array technology the DA 7250 is designed for maximum performance on food products and their raw materials.

Samples are measured in flexible open dishes and the instrument is handled by an intuitive touch screen interface. Most sample types can be measured as they are without any preparation or as an alternative be grinded and measured as powder or coarse meal. Pre-installed NIR Calibration models are available for a wide range of products and parameters.

The DA 7250 instrument is IP 65 rated and available in sanitary design version, allowing it to be used in the lab as well as the production environment.

Instrument usage and economic benefits

The main ingredients in noodles are flour, starch, water and salt or salt substitutes. Combined with flavoring and other additives. Ingredients are mixed into dough, rolled, cooked and fried. Traditional methods takes hours for each product analysis making a continuous quality check of incoming raw materials and noodle product impossible.

As an alternative to the traditional methods are the DA 7250 instruments giving measurement results in seconds. Incoming flour is simultaneously checked for moisture, protein, ash, gluten content, water absorption and whiteness. Starch, milk powders, shallots, peppers and oils are also regularly controlled using the DA 7250 for moisture, protein, oil and other parameters.

Measuring product moisture throughout the process and in the final produced noodles allows for optimization of the drying steps, reducing processing times and energy used. 
The produced noodles, instant or regular, is checked for moisture, protein, fat and ash content. 

The combined effect of all these measurement possibilities has allowed each used instrument to pay for themselves very quickly. 

DA 7200 instrument in use at Uni-President Enterprises Corporation.  DA 7200 instrument in use at Master Kong Noodle manufacturing.