Applications of portable NIR grain analysis with Inframatic 8800

Many farmers and grain storage companies benefit from the portability of the Inframatic 8800 NIR grain analyzer, which measures moisture, protein and oil in grains and oilseeds.

Growers of wheat or barley are able to sell more of their grain on advance contracts for a specific protein content, as they can test their grain in advance and be confident they can deliver the right quality. They are also able to blend grain to meet a specific target protein. For some Australian wheat growers this earns them an AUD 30 per ton price premium Inframatic 8800 portable NIR grain analyzerwhen they can sell their wheat as the higher protein H1 grade. Matt Lane (pictured with daughter and his Inframatic 8800) who is a farmer in New South Wales, Australia says "Anyone using on-farm storage needs an Inframatic 8800".

Swedish users such as the Charlottenlund farm use the Inframatic 8800 to sell low protein wheat to a vodka producer, and high protein wheat to flour mills. ”The most important is the accuracy and alignment to the instruments used in the grain trade” says Per Landén of the Charlottenlund farm. "The performance of IM 8800 gives me peace of mind when selling the grain to a certain specification."

In areas with wet or damp conditions during harvest farmers will test moisture content to determine the right time to harvest. If the grain is too wet there will be a price penalty, or even rejections. Some users in remote areas have a more than 400 km roundtrip to the grain depot, and a rejection would be a disaster. Farmers who have on-farm drying facilities use the Inframatic 8800 to control the drying process, which prevents costly over drying.

In South Africa some grain storage companies store grain in silobags in remote areas (aerial photo of silobag storage below), where conventional silo operations would be challenging and costly. Not only is the Inframatic 8800 is easy to bring to these locations for grain grading, but its GPS module makes it possible to store co-ordinates along with the analysis result.
This facilitates bag management as it is easy to track what quality grain is stored where in the bag, and in exactly which bag. "The Inframatic 8800 will be used very effectively at our silo bag depots and in the places where we have farmers loading grain directly for our operations" say Henk vd Westhuizen and Johan van Rensburg of BKB/ Grainco in South Africa.

The Inframatic 8800 is rugged and can be placed almost anywhere on a farm or grain storage facility. Many farmers will put it in the machine shed, but it is sometimes placed in the kitchen and various family members on the farm including the kids will test grain on it. As it is battery driven it also often ends up being used in the combine/harvester or 4WD truck.

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