Features and benefits


Small Sample Size: Integrated 4g micro scale bowl. 

Fast: High-energy mixing for high-throughput testing

Variable Speed & Temperature: To study dough performance during heating, cooling and gelling/cooking. Variable speed mixing to study stiff and crumbly doughs, novel formulations, evaluate dough response to changing stress and mimic commercial mixing.

Automated: Integrated bowl temperature control system. Integrated automatic water dispensing.

Easy Clean Up: Bowl disassembles quickly for easy cleaning to increase sample throughput.


doughLAB for Windows (DLW) Software:

Calibration: Traceable software calibration procedure.

User Friendly: Methods included in the software library. Easy to use “routine user” mode. Software password protection.

Programmable Instrument Control: “Profile” style method set up with advanced options and for flexibility and ease of use

Flexible Data Analysis: Auto functions for commonly derived parameters and advanced functions for research.

Real Time Graph Display: Interactive and overlay functions for clarity.

Single Page Report: Traceability data, results and the graph all on a single page.

Traceability: complies with ER/ES (electronic records/electronic signatures) requirements for data security.

Virtual blending: View, chart, average, and analyse data to predict the performance of flour blends.