NetPlus Reports

Analysis results are automatically synchronized to a database after each analysis. By logging in to your account you have access to the latest results, wherever you are. All data is sent in encrypted format.NetPlus reports

Whether an instrument is placed at raw material intake, laboratory or in production, measurement results are accessible with any connected computer. This provides an overview of all data in a convenient way allowing you to immediately take action when required. You can also view results from multiple instruments at the same time, allowing you to compare across sites.

Filter data for customized reports

Not only can you view results for a specific product or defined time range, you can also filter on tags (e.g. supplier, variety) entered by the operator at the time of analysis. Provide an overview by monitoring one or several instruments, located at different facilities.

Trend chart for each parameter

Each parameter can be viewed in a trend chart where you see analysis results over time. If you have set the NIR instrument up with product targets and limits, they will be shown in the trend chart. To get details on a particular analysis, simply click the corresponding dot in the chart and details are shown.

NetPlus Reports chart

Table with statistics and individual sample results

A summary with statistics on your selection is displayed in table form. You can also expand the table to list every analysis, to see results for each parameter at the same time.

Export as csv file

If you want to further evaluate results in for example Excel, or if you need to use the data in other applications, just click to export your selection as a csv file. Alternatively, save the report to a pdf file.