How NASA Feeds Benefit from NetPlus Reports

NASA Feeds uses NetPlus Reports to easily access analysis results and monitor production in the plant, from their headquarters 500 km away.

Nutrición Animal S.A., or NASA, is an aquafeed company based in Panama. The company was founded in 1978 and has become a regional supplier of feed for fish and shrimp. As NASA works with natural resources they strive to be efficient at the same time as providing quality feeds for their demanding customers. To achieve this NASA invested in a Perten DA 7250 NIR instrument, which is used to test ingredients against supplier specifications, to optimize recipes, and to verify finished product quality. The instrument proved to be of great value and allowed NASA to save significantly on high protein ingredients and to achieve consistent product quality, benefiting their customers as the feed better meets animal nutritional requirements.

Since the instrument was placed at their factory in the city of Volcan, 500 km away from headquarters in Panama City, management found it challenging to be regularly updated on quality. Mr. Estuardo Bodero Ganoza, the general manager of NASA, wanted to find a quicker and better way than asking staff to send reports. Perten suggested that NASA should connect their DA 7250 to NetPlus Reports, a cloud-based reporting software where users can access their data from anywhere through a web browser. He found this an interesting solution, which could be easily implemented as the only requirement is that the instrument has an Internet connection. Mr. Estuardo Bodero Ganoza can now monitor operations from his office, from home, or when traveling. He simply logs on to his NetPlus Reports account and all analysis results are available in graphs and tables.

At the factory NetPlus Reports has become an indispensable tool which is used daily. Data can be handled faster and more easily, and is available when you need it, wherever you are. Reports can be created on the fly and printed from anywhere, and transcription errors are avoided as no manual transfer of results is required. NetPlus Reports also helps the NASA teams to analyze data in a much more complete way, which improves decision making and saves costs. The data filtering and plotting tools make it easy to evaluate product quality over time, by product type and by species, making it possible to fine-tune production and improve efficiency. These tools are also used to follow up on ingredient quality and compare different suppliers of the same ingredient, to find the suppliers which deliver the most consistent quality, and provide the best value.