Operation and handling – DA 6200™ NIR

The DA 6200™ is designed for easy sample handling and operation. Sample cups are easily filled and placed in measurement position with magnetic coupling. A touchscreen with intuitive user interface enables anyone to confidently operate the DA 6200™ and get accurate results. Automatic start of measurements is also possible.

Nonhomogeneous samples such as meats, finished meat samples or olives should be ground prior to analysis. Homogenous samples such as sausage fillers taken from mixer or olive pomace can be analyzed as such.

Just how easy it is:

1. Prepare sample in dish 2. Analyze sample 3. Results in 30 seconds


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Brochure - DA 6200 Meat 10/5/2019 3.18 MB ダウンロード
Brochure - DA 6200 Olive 10/5/2019 2.51 MB ダウンロード




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DA 6200 Meat and Meat products 12/6/2019 401 kB
DA 6200 Olives and Pomace 27/6/2019 781 kB