Applications and Performance

The Aquamatic 5200 determines moisture, specific weight and temperature in all kinds of grains and oilseeds. It sets new standards among grain moisture meters when it comes to accuracy, stability and transferability.


The Aquamatic is probably the most accurate grain moisture meter available. In a recent evaluation performed on samples from GIPSA (US Grain Inspection) the performance of the Aquamatic was excellent. 230 samples of nine grain and oilseed types were analyzed, and the average standard error versus the oven reference method was only 0.20. The graph is presented below.

No temperature effect

Thanks to the UMA calibration technique there is no effect of the sample temperature in the Aquamatic 5200. The graph below shows the results from a test of the Aquamatic where the same three samples were analyzed at cold, medium and warm temperatures. Each square represents one analysis, and the three samples were analyzed from 50F (10C) to 100F (35C). As is evident from the graph, the Aquamatic gives the correct results regardless of the temperature a sample is analyzed at.


All Aquamatic units are alike. If you would place two units side by side and analyze the same sample in both of them, you would get the same result. This comes partly from using the 150 MHz technology, and partly from the advanced standardization procedures we have developed. Below is a graph from a group of 7 instruments after being standardized. The same set of 6 samples (2 wheat samples, 1 corn, 1 soybean, 1 sunflower seed and 1 rice sample) ranging from 8.5-13.5% moisture was analyzed in all 7 Aquamatics. In the graph it is hard to make out the dots for the individual units as they are on top of each other, which is good because it means that all units gave almost exactly the same result when analyzing the same sample.