Improve profit in ground meat production

Meat raw materials will vary with changes in animal origin and nutrition. Reduce lean-meat giveaway with fast and accurate measurement.

Raw Material control

Test all incoming batches to ensure they meet minimum purchasing criteria. Make claims immediately for materials that are out of spec. Flag those of exceptional quality for optimal blending.

Production control

Reduce lean meat give-away by monitoring blending in real-time – at-line with the DA 7250™ or in-process with an integrated DA 7300™ or DA 7440™. With fast and accurate results, adjustments can be made immediately to maintain target values. This allows you to reduce safety margins and product fluctuations while being closer to specifications. Additionally, costly re-work is reduced.

Final product control

Final product measurement – prior to packaging – allows you to be certain you deliver consistent, high-quality products that meet the customer’s expectations. Reduce claims, packaging costs, and wet chemistry requirements while improving customer satisfaction and brand protection. Our remote access software helps you keep track of results in a useful, accessible format enabling you to address customer concerns quickly, accurately, and completely.