Análisis NIR en la producción de azucar

DA 7250 Lab / At-line NIR

The DA 7250 is a benchtop NIR instrument, which can analyze many of the samples typically analyzed in sugar production - in only 6 seconds. 

Place it at the cane intake lab for rapid testing of polarity, brix and fiber in each truckload of cane delivered. No juice extraction is required, as the DA 7250 accurately analyzes the shredded cane with no sample preparation required.

Place it in the mill lab for analysis of in-process samples as well as finished sugar and by-products. Powders, liquids, syrups and other types of samples are easily analyzed. Little to no sample preparation is required before analysis, and as analysis is performed in open-faced dishes no cleaning is required between samples.

These qualities make the DA 7250 an ideal analyzer for a sugar mill. Read more about the DA 7250 Benchtop NIR instrument.


DA 7300  In-line NIR

The DA 7300 is installed in your process line, and provides real-time NIR analysis and integration with process control system. It can determine moisture, color and other parameters at various steps in the process.

Read more about the DA 7300 In-line NIR instrument.