Analyzers for olive oil production

DA 6200™ Olive NIR Analyzer

The DA 6200™ is a compact, accurate and cost efficient olive NIR analyzer. It determines fat and moisture content in ground olive paste and pomace in 30 seconds. Analysis is done using easy to handle sample cups and an intuituve touch screen operation. Low weight and battery operation allow the DA 6200™ to be easily moved between sampling points. 

The DA 6200™ sets new standards for advanced, cost-effective olive product analysis. It uses robust NIR Diode Array technology to analyze samples in transmittance NIR through a large representative sample volume. Incoming olives are ground to paste before analysis, olive pomace can be analyzed directly without sample preparation.

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DA 7250™ Olive NIR Analyzer

The DA 7250™ is the fastest NIR instrument on market and a high performance olive NIR analyzer. Analysis of fat and moisture in olive paste and pomace is done in 6 seconds using open faced cups or disposable petri dishes without need to clean-sample cups in between measurements. The DA 7250™ measurement results can be accessed using any web browser through the NetPlus cloud software.

The DA 7250™ uses Diode Array NIR technology to collect a large number of spectra on a spinning sample in just a few seconds. The large spot size, large viewed surface area, and multiple spectra provide a very representative analysis. Olives can be analyzed whole as they are or milled to olive paste before placed in sample cup. Olive pomace can be measured directly as taken from milling line. 

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DA 7300™ In-line NIR Instrument

The DA 7300™ In-line NIR is installed in production processes on pipes or similar for continuous measurements. It can be installed for detecting the amount of oil in the olive pomace after first extraction. Providing fat and moisture results every few seconds the readings can be used to optimize the process and retain as much high value oil as possible.

In addition to the compositional measurement by NIR, the DA 7300™ includes an integrated camera which produces live video as well as color measurement. The integrated camera allows plant personnel to "look" inside the pipe at any time from any computer connected to the network.

The DA 7300™ is built for industrial environments and is installed in hundreds of food plants around the world. Measurement results are displayed in web based interface or readily integrated to plant control systems using a wide range of communication protocols.

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