DA 7250 Sanitary Design At-line NIR

The DA 7250 SD is Perten's newest addition to it's highly successful line of diode array based NIR at-DA 7250 SD Sanitary Design NIR At-line Analyzer for food and ingredientsline and on-line instruments. Some key features of the DA 7250SD:

  • Fast: 6 second multi-component analysis - moisture/total solids, fat, protein, lactose and others
  • Accurate: Similar to reference methods such as Mojonnier fat analysis, moisture ovens, and titration methods
  • Easy-to-use: Pour and place sampling with little/no sample prep or cleanup, 2-button analysis
  • Versatile: Test solids, liquids, powders, pastes, slurries and more - all on 1 instrument
  • Robust: Stainless steel, IP65 certified housing, no moving optical components, SSHD

 The DA 7250 SD at-line analyzer removes and reduces many sources of error common to other NIR instruments. It employs a large spot size, an even larger analysis area, and averages a large number of sub-samples. The DA 7250 SD uses high energy throughput diode array optics to ensure accurate and representative analysis of heterogeneous samples. The wavelength and absorbance scales are monitored and standardized automatically.

Many sample types are analyzed using non-contact sampling, which requires little or no sample preparation and little or no cleaning, which in turn removes cross-contamination and sample cell errors. The instrument workflow is uncomplicated, encouraging high-throughput, correct analyses by the operators who monitor and control plant processes. The new IP65-certified, stainless steel case is designed for placement where sanitary designs are preferable.

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