Perten Releases 3rd Generation Diode Array Based NIR Analysis System

The DA 7250 improves analysis accuracy in lab and process environments.

The DA 7250 is a new NIR instrument designed for superior analysis accuracy of many product types, for many parameters, in all types of environments. The design incorporates non-moving optical components, internal temperature stabilization, a static hard drive encased in an IP65 rated (dust proof/water resistant) housing. The design is optimized to create maximum instrument up-time while allowing users to place the instrument where it's needed most.

The DA 7250 removes and reduces many sources of error common to other NIR instruments. It employs a large spot-size, even larger analysis area, averages many sub-samples, and uses high energy throughput diode array optics to ensure accurate and representative analysis of heterogeneous samples. The wavelength and absorbance scales are monitored and standardized automatically. Many sample types are analyzed using non-contact sampling - requiring little or no sample prep and little or no cleaning – removing cross-contamination and sample cell errors. The instrument workflow is uncomplicated encouraging correct and frequent analysis by operators interested in monitoring and controlling plant processes.

Large, transferable calibrations and databases cover many products and parameters enabling rapid implementation. Existing applications include dairy, grain processing, feed, flour, oilseeds, meat, snackood, petfood, starch, and ethanol production. Versatility covers products type – grains, powders, pastes, slurries, liquids - as well as sample size – ranging from as little as a few grams to as much as 350 grams.

The DA 7250 incorporates new and updated software features and functionality. The instruments can be networked and administered remotely. Connectivity to 3rd party LIMS systems or processing software is a simple process. Results are accessible anytime from any large-screened web connected device via WEB reporting.

The DA 7250 provides the accuracy required to improve quality and control processes, the versatility to analyze nearly any product, the robustness to be placed nearly anywhere, the speed to measure anytime, and the advanced features required by researchers while maintaining simplicity of routine operation.

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