Charentes Alliance selects Perten NIR grain analyzers

Charentes Alliance, a large French grain farmer cooperative, has selected the Inframatic 9500 NIR grain analyzer from Perten Instruments to be used at more than 100 grain receival stations.

NTEP approved IM 9500The IM 9500 is the latest NIR grain analyzer model from Perten. Launched in 2011 it combines industry standard transmittance NIR technology with ruggedness and ease of use. “Grain traders and cooperatives really appreciate the IM 9500 for its accuracy and reliability” says Henrik Andrén, Grain Business Area Manager at Perten Instruments.

Charentes Alliance collects close to 1 million tons of grain and oilseed per year, from its member farmers in south western France. Wheat and corn make up more than half of the traded volume but sunflower seed and rapeseed are also important crops. Charentes Alliance will use the IM 9500 at 119 grain receival stations to test incoming grain for protein and oil content. “The IM 9500 is an excellent grain analyzer, and Perten is a very reliable partner. Being able to test the incoming grain immediately will allow us to segregate different qualities and increase the total value of the grain we handle” says Monsieur Xavier Charbonneau, Crop production market director at Charentes Alliance.

For more information please contact:

Henrik Andrén
Business Area Manager

Phone: +46 701 01 69 63
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