Approved Bread Volume Method for Fast and Accurate Analysis

New Method Approval for Measuring Bread Volume by Laser Topography

Perten Instruments announces that a new method for determining bread volume was approved by the American Association of Cereal Chemists – International (AACCI). The method employs the BVM laser topography based analyzer from Perten. The method was assessed by a collaborative study conducted by the AACCI Physical Testing Methods Technical Committee. The method demonstrated acceptable precision for samples with volumes ranging from 200 to 2800 mL. Results were similar to volumes determined by reference water displacement analysis.

“The BVM method is objective, contact-free, rapid, and simple to perform, making it well suited to the requirements of the milling and baking industries” reports Mark Bason – Business Development Manager Rheology for Perten Instruments. “We are excited to offer the BVM as a replacement method to the laborious and less accurate seed displacement tests in current use at many test bake labs and commercial bakeries.”

Additionally, the BVM volume analyser measures loaf dimensions and archives the results – including a 3D, rotatable image. The archived data and images can be used for further analysis, production quality control, and audit trails.

The method has been approved as AACCI Approved Method 10-14.01.

For more information please contact:
Mark Bason
Business Development Manager Rheology
Tel: +46 8 505 809 77