AUS-MEAT Approval for Perten DA 7250 NIR Meat Analyzer

Perten announces that the DA 7250 NIR Meat Analyzer is now approved for fat testing in beef trim by AUS-MEAT, the quality standards body of the Australian meat industry.DA 7250 SD Sanitary Design NIR At-line Analyzer for food and ingredients

AUS-MEAT has evaluated and approved the DA 7250 for fat testing in beef trim (Chemical Lean for 50CL and above). In addition to fat, the DA 7250 simultaneoulsy measures parameters like moisture, protein, and collagen in less than 10 seconds.

The DA 7250 SD is an NIR meat analyzer designed for placement in labs and production areas where sanitary designs are required. It is IP65 certified and uses open-faced, disposable dishes making it extremely easy to operate and clean.

This makes the DA 7250 SD well suited for analysis of raw meat, raw and cooked small goods and patty production. The instrument is also used by related industries including rendering plants, tallow producers and stockfeed manufacturers. Customers use it for inspection of incoming meat, monitoring production of ground meat, optimizing sausage recipes and much more.

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