Wilmar use of Perten Diode Array NIR instruments in Soybean processing

Wilmar International limited is one of Asia’s leading Agribusiness groups and one of the largest oilseed processors in China.  In order to improve the efficiency and product quality in their soybean processing plants they have purchased and installed 9 DA 7300 In-line units. The units are used in 8 different soybean processing plants in China measuring on the soybean meal, full fat meal and separated protein powder. 

Moisture, protein and oil NIR measurements are used to keep production within specifications. Additional values are given by also monitoring fibre, ash, soluble protein, colour and particle detection. Colour and particle detection measurements are made through the DA 7300 internal camera which also gives a picture of the product as it is passing the measurement window of the NIR instrument.

DA 7300 installation points in Soybean processing 

The final protein content is automatically controlled by adjusting the amount of husk that is added back in to the meal. The automatic control loop is based on the DA 7300 measurement that is integrated in to the GE control system.

The benefits of keeping the moisture and protein at target and lowering its variations are very clear as even small deviations lead to large product give away. Returns of Investment of the DA 7300 units are, in most cases, only a few months.

Having the measurements visible in the plant control system also lets the operators have complete control, substantially reducing the time during start-up, the need for re-works, rejects and costly quality control investigations.

The automatic in-line control also reduces the need for laboratory sampling, something that also contributes to further savings.

As a complement to the In-line NIR control, Wilmar also use the DA 7200 lab & at-line instruments. The DA 7200 bench top instrument is fast and easy to use. The instrument can be confidently used by plant operators and measurements can be made without need of grinding the product. Analysis of the Soy, hulls, flakes, meal and oil can be done with the same instrument.

DA 7250 at-line & lab control in Soybean processing

The DA 7300 In-line has a built-in camera that captures an image and video of the Soy bean meal as it is passing the instrument and is measured with NIR. The product image show colour, foreign particles and is a useful tool during production trouble shooting.

DA 7300 In-line installed on a transfer chute. Installation is done with the Perten mounting panel, allowing for fast and easy unit set-up.

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