Rapid peanut moisture testing

The Perten moisture meters AM 5200 and AM 5800 accurately determine moisture in shelled peanuts. Calibrations were developed by the US Department of Agriculture.

Moisture in peanuts is a critical measurement. It affects harvest, drying, storage, and processing. Accurate moisture analysis helps all stages of peanut processing to optimize costs and to produce safe, quality peanut-based products.

The US Department of Agriculture commissioned a project to enable the peanut industry to make use of the most accurate and up-to-date UGMA, high frequency RF technology already in use by the majority of grain traders.Aquamatic 5200

The project – led by Dr. Chris Butts of the USDA-ARS National Peanut Lab - encompassed data collection on 340+ samples of three common varieties using two AM 5200-A moisture meters. Reference oven moisture values were obtained by the USDA lab following ASABE Standard 410.1: Moisture Measurement-Peanuts. The complete study results are available on request.

The moisture meters using this calibration include the NTEP approved and USDA-GIPSA certified as UGMA compatible AM 5200 and the AM 5800.Aquamatic 5800

The AM 5200 is rapid, rugged and accurate instrument designed for high-volume usage at grain trading lab, elevators and similar.

The AM 5800 is a portable battery operated instrument designed specifically for on-farm use and can measure peanuts straight from the dryer.

These meters are supplied with calibrations for all other grains and oilseeds in addition to peanuts increasing their value. Read more about the AM 5200 and the AM 5800 moisture meters.