NIR speeds up analysis of soy sauce

Soy sauce producer Lee Kum Kee uses the DA 7200 NIR Food Analyzer to speed up quality control and increase lab capacity.

Lee Kum Kee was established in 1888 when its founder Mr Lee Kum Sheung introduced oyster sauce in the Guangdong Province of China. With a history of 125 years, Lee Kum Kee has become a household name as an ethnic Chinese enterprise as well as an international brand and a symbol of quality and trust. It offers over 220 choices of sauces and condiments to over 100 countries and regions across the five continents. The Corporate Support Centre of Lee Kum Kee is placed in Hong Kong and there are 5 production sites located in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the USA.

For quality assurance purposes a large number of samples are analyzed every day and multiple parameters are determined. Lee Kum Sheung found that the chemical analysis methods were cumbersome and looked for a quicker method, particularly for analysis of soy sauce. Perten proposed the DA 7200 NIR Analyzer, which is widely used in the food industry worldwide and can analyze samples in as little as 6 seconds.

In August 2012 a DA 7200 NIR Analyzer was placed in the main lab at Lee Kum Kee for a feasibilitystudy and more than 100 samples were analyzed over two days. Soy sauce samples are analyzed in a flow-through quartz cell connected to a peristaltic pump, with no cleaning required between samples. Calibrations for total nitrogen, total acid, ammoniacal nitrogen and NaCl were developed, and after a full validation the QC manager at Lee Kum Kee Group, Mrs. Zhao, was fully satisfied with the performance.

The Lee Kum Kee Group purchased a DA 7200 NIR Analyzer for its accuracy, convenience and efficiency. It was installed at the factory in Xinhui, China in September 2012. To expande the first soy sauce calibrations Perten’s NIR application team worked with the QC department at Lee Kum Kee and were able to improve accuracy and stability. Perten’s factory calibrations for soybean and soymeal were validated and proved to be very accurate.

Note: The DA 7200 has now been replaced by the new model DA 7250. Read more about the DA 7250.