NIR analysis of snackfoods

Perten offers on-line and at-line NIR instruments are typically used for analysis of moisture, fat, salt and spices at various process points in snackfood production.

The DA 7440 on-line NIR is designed to be placed over a conveyor belt or similar, measuring the moving product in real-time. It can be connected to plant control systems for process optimization and monitoring, or used with dedicated result displays.

For grab sample analysis the DA 7250 is used at-line in the production area or in the lab. Both models are based on modern diode array technology, which combines accuracy, speed and robustness.

Intersnack is the leading snackfood company in many European markets. They use the DA 7200/7250 series of NIR analyzers from Perten in their factories across Europe and have improved product quality and increased efficiency as a result.

Intersnack use their Perten NIR instruments to determine moisture, fat, salt and spices in their baked, extruded and deep fried snack products. The DA NIR instrument analyzes a sample in only 6 seconds with accuracy similar to the reference method. Reference method analysis on the other hand takes several hours and is labor intensive, which makes it costly and only few samples per day can be analyzed. As the Perten NIR instruments give immediate analysis results at any time, production can be optimized QA/QC made more efficient.

The use of the NIR instruments has made production more stable with less variation in quality, which provides great savings for Intersnack. Specifically the frying and drying steps can now be controlled much better. The rapid analysis of fat content in potato chips helps to save 400 liters of oil per day in one factory alone.

Immediate moisture testing gives production staff confidence that they are within specifications, and they no longer discard product while waiting for updated analysis results. As a result wastage has decreased significantly, from around 2% in total to below 1%. With a daily production of around 1 million bags of potato chips per day, the savings correspond to 10,000 bags per day.

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