Improving flour mill performance using DA 7300 in-line NIR

OVA UN is one of Turkey’s leading flour milling companies. Located in Konya, the heart of the Turkish milling industry, OVA UN mills approximately 1000 tons of wheat per day and supplies industrial customers as well as exclusive restaurants. The company has a strong drive for continuous improvement and when looking for ways to raise both quality and profitability they decided to work with Perten Instruments. “We have been using Perten equipment for a long time and know the quality and benefits of the products. Perten are the experts in our industry and we believe that they are the best” says Mrs. Emel Erdoğan, Operations Manager.

After detailed discussions with Perten Mrs. Erdoğan and her team decided to invest in two DA 7300 In-line NIR sensors. The first instrument is installed immediately after wheat blending and continuously measures the protein content to make sure it is kept within limits. No wheat shipment is fully homogeneous and often the variability in protein is quite high. This could give variations in flour protein leading to unexpected behavior at the bakery and thus quality claims. A second benefit of even protein quality, which is closely related to wheat hardness, is the improved milling performance.  By using the protein measurements from the DA 7300 OVA UN adjust the proportions of wheat from the different silos to counter any variations and achieve an even protein content in the blended wheat.

The second instrument measures the flour before packing and gives real-time readings for ash, speck count, color, protein and moisture. One of the benefits is to be able to optimize the blending of streams to reach an optimum and stable ash content and minimize safety margins. As a result the extraction can be increased at the same time as a more consistent flour is produced. Automatic speck counting with built-in warnings makes sure that any production problem such as a broken sieve is found immediately, decreasing waste and preventing off-spec deliveries. “Thanks to this system we are 100% sure of our quality that we dispatch the goods”, says Mrs. Erdoğan.

OVA UN is very pleased with the return on their investment and have decided to equip also their second plant with the Perten DA 7300 in-line NIR.