Delta milk analyzers

Delta Instruments was founded in 1985 with the goal of creating a superior milk analyzer. The LactoScope series of instruments measure milk components such as protein, butterfat, lactose and more - quickly, simply and accurately. The LactoScope is now used throughout the entire dairy industry by anyone needing to analyze milk.

The Delta product portfolio was further expanded in 1990 to include the SomaScope line - a somatic cell counter employing a flow cytometer for measurement. Somatic cell counts provide critical information concerning cattle health and milk quality.

The success of the LactoScope and development of the SomaScope lead to the creation of a high sample throughput system – the CombiScope. This instrument measures components and somatic cells and is capable of measuring up to 600 milk samples per hour with minimal user intervention and automated data systems. These instruments are used primarily by dairy payment and dairy herd improvement laboratories where the high sample throughput is essential.Delta Instruments timeline
Today, Delta has a significant, satisfied and loyal customer base. This loyalty and satisfaction is a function of both instrument quality and superior after-sales support provided by its highly trained force of service and support engineers and distributors.

Delta was purchased by PerkinElmer's Perten business in February of 2016. The Perten organization exposes the Delta products to an even greater audience allowing Delta to take the next step in its growth. The Delta range of dairy analyzers combined with Perten’s near infrared (NIR) instruments for at-line and on-line use, texture analyzers, and functionality, performance, and rheology systems create the most complete line of milk and dairy analyzers available.

Perten and Delta both invest significantly in product development and product and service training of staff and distributors. Both the direct offices and the extensive distributor network provide a range of services to maximize the performance of all instruments.

An exciting new chapter for Perten and Delta has begun ...