Texture analyzer probe accessories

The choice of probe is important in order to get reproducible test results, and we will assist you in finding the right probe for your product. The probes displayed below are samples of what we can offer, and custom made probes are also available.

Cylinder probes Conical probes Spherical probes
This is the most common type of probe and they are used for most puncture, compression, adhesiveness and extrusion tests.
The diameter chosen of the probe is depending of the product to be tested and the type of measurement to be done.
The conical probes are used to test plastic and soft products, e.g. to simulate the spreading of butter. The spherical probes are used for soft and sensitive products, often to simulate a finger pressing down into the product.
Compression plates  Break Probe  Warner Bratzler blade
These probes are used for compresssion, adhesiveness and extrusion tests.
The probes are mostly used for semi-liquid products like yoghurt or for irregular shaped products like pasta shapes.
The Break Probe is used with Three Point Bend Rig to test fracturability and break strength. These probes are used to test the cutting force and hardness of products.
The flat knife blades are used for meat products, vegetables and cheese.