Operation and handling

The micro-doughLAB is a small-scale sigma arm dough mixer which requires 4g of flour and measures water absorption (WA) and dough mixing parameters.

The small sample requirement makes micro-doughLAB well suited for use by wheat breeders and researchers who typically have limited sample available. It can be used to develop rapid and small scale methods that correlate to standard methods.

1) Open the appropriate micro-doughLAB method in DLW software. Accurately weigh your flour sample using an electronic balance.

2) Raise the safety from the bowl. 3) Dispense the flour sample into the bowl, as shown.
4) Lower the safety lid back into place above the bowl and ensure the dispensing arm is positioned over the bowl. Click on “Run” The flour sample will be mixed for the specified zero time. Water will then be added to the sample. 5) Place the evaporation lid over the bowl. 6) The resistance of the dough will be graphed on the monitor.