Features & benefits

  • LED Light Source Feature saves money based on long lifetime and limited need for gains adjustments or calibration
  • Dual Photomultiplier ensures the counting of every cell and validation of repeatability. Reports a Q-value for every analysis.
  • Flow Cell Cytometer  - Provides a low cost analyzer that leads the industry in accuracy, repeatability and durability
  • Auto Clean and Auto Zero automatically maintain sample preparation unit and flow cell. This reduces the need for technician time spent on preparation and maintenance.
  • Intuitive Software allows for rapid implementation. Data can be exported to create reports.
  • The Staining Solution is a non-mutagenic stain that more accurately stains somatic cells. Delta’s use of this stain is based on our commitment to providing safe products for users.
  • Versatility - The SomaScope Smart provides the user with an accurate, durable analyzer that can be used to measure individual raw cow samples or in-process preserved samples.