Operation and handling

The Inframatic 9500 is designed to be used at grain receivals and grain labs. This means that it can withstand harsh environments and rough handling, that it's easy to use, and that it has features that match the needs of grain labs.

Three easy steps: 

 Inframatic 9500 NIR NIT grain analyzer    Inframatic 9500 NIR NIT grain analyzer
Select the type of grain to analyze. Pour the sample and press "Analyze" After analysis, results are displayed on the screen, and the sample box can be emptied.

Analysis takes less than 30 seconds, and the results are shown on the large display.

The position and angle of the display can be adjusted to suit your needs. Move it up or down, back or forward, left or right, to optimize its position for the operator. Tilt it left, right, up or down to view the results from where it's most convenient.

 Inframatic 9500 NIR NIT grain analyzer