Rapid Moisture Measurement for Falling Number Analysis

An accurate moisture value of the sample to be analyzed is critical for correct Falling Number results. Equipped with an optional module the Inframatic 8800 NIR grain analyzer can measure the moisture content of samples before Falling Number analysis, helping grain traders, farmers and others to improve analytical accuracy.

The Falling Number® method is standardized and one critical step in the method is to measure the moisture content of the sample, as this determines the exact sample weight to use. When grinding grain about 0.5-2% moisture is lost in the process. The exact moisture loss depends on factor such as the original moisture content of the grain and whether the lab mill is hot because several samples have just been ground in it. If the user estimates the moisture content of the ground grain rather than measure it, Falling Number results could end up being wrong by several 10s of seconds.

With the Falling Number Moisture Module the Inframatic 8800 becomes a rapid instrument for moisture determination in ground grain and flour. It's easy to use and gives accurate results in less than 1 minute. Not only does it display the moisture content, it also calculates and displays the exact sample weight you should use in the Falling Number analysis. This means you don't need to look the weight up in tables, which speeds up the process for you and removes one potential source of error.

For more information on the Falling Number method please follow this link.