Features and benefits

The Glutomatic® System is used worldwide by thousands of grain traders, flour millers, breeders and pasta/noodle manufactureres, who benefit from its features.

Determine gluten quantity and quality

Improve the quality of your finished products by making sure that your raw materials meet gluten specifications. Higher wet gluten content means higher bread volumes.

Official world standard

For international wheat and flour trade, gluten quantity and quality by the Glutomatic® System are typically specified. Make sure that buyer and seller agree by using the international standard. Approved according to the following standards:

  • AACCI 38-12.02
  • ICC/No. 137/1, 155 & 158
  • ISO 21415-2, 21415-4
  • GAFTA Method 34:2

Easy to use

Confidently operated by non-technical personnel.

For flour and grain

Using Glutomatic® you don't have to produce a flour to determine the gluten characteristics for a wheat. You save time and costs as the Gluten Index method works both for flour and for ground wheat.

Rapid analysis

A complete test takes less than 10 minutes.

Determines true gluten

While gluten is correlated to protein, there are a number of cases where a wheat would have a high protein content, but no or very weak gluten. Glutomatic® is the only way to know for sure.