The quality of dough-based products such as breads, pasta or noodles is highly dependent on the gluten quantity and quality of the flour. This means that everyone in the wheat chain, from breeder to baker, benefit from analyzing and controlling gluten properties with the Glutomatic® System.


By measuring the functional properties of protein at an early stage - without having to extract flour - breeders can select the appropriate wheat classes for further breeding and refinement.

Grain Trading and Handling

The ease of use and the speed of the method enable the user to classify the incoming wheat based on gluten quantity and quality, essential for maximizing trade margins and supplying products suitable for varying end-use purposes.

Flour Milling

Millers can blend flour to meet end-user demands while not selling high quality product at a low price thereby improving operating margins. With the Gluten Index, the Wet Gluten Content and the Falling Number® analysis results available, millers can quickly predict the final baking quality, reducing the requirement for test baking.


The gluten properties and structure are important to:

  • Form elastic dough
  • Retain gas during fermentation and baking
  • Allow expansion
  • Carry expansion
  • Retain the shape of loaf

As baking quality is both related to starch and protein characteristics, a combination of the results from the Falling Number® and Glutomatic® tests can be used to predict the baking quality. With the Gluten quality and quantity information at hand, bakeries are able to use the most cost effective grade of flour while still meeting end user quality. Maximizing the use of high quality flour and minimizing addition of expensive vital gluten results in substantial savings.

Durum and Pasta

The Gluten Index is reported worldwide in crop reports as an important quality indicator. During pasta manufacturing, gluten has great influence in:

  • Forming non-sticky dough
  • Achieving desired processing characteristics
  • Maintaining firmness and cooking stability
  • Obtaining products with desired cooking characteristics