DA 7250™ NIR instrument - Specifications


Power Requirements:    
Dimensions (HxWxD):   
Net Weight:     
Ambient temperature:
Ingress protection:
Stainless Steel type (Sanitary Design version):
115/230 V, 50/60 Hz
517x370x390 mm with touch screen in top position
20 kg
IP65, completely protected against dust and water
EN 1.4301 / AISI 304)


Analysis time:
Sample size:
Sample presentation:
Measuring area:
Regression options:

Chemometrics software

6 seconds
From a few grains up to 380 ml
All grains, meals, slurries, pastes and other products
Moisture, Protein, Oil, Starch, Fiber and many more.
Non-contact, down view, rotationg sample dish
Standard sample dish 108 cm2
Continuous measurement of complete area, 15 spectra per second
PLS (Partial Least Squares), ANN (Artificial Neural Networks), HR (Honigs Regression), Classification
Unscrambler 9.8 (Camo), Unscrambler 10.3 (Camo), GRAMS 8.0 (Thermo Galactic)

Spectrometer and Optics

Spectrometer type
Wavelength range:
Wavelength accuracy:
Number of scans:
Lamp life-time:
Diode array
950-1650 nm
better than 0.05 nm
Thermoelectrically cooled 256 element InGaAs
~15 spectra / s
Minimum two years. Operator exchangeable lamps
Teflon coated ceramic reference, automatic

Interfaces, data and connectivity

User interface:
Results presentation:
Internal data storage

12" color touch screen with intuitive software
Large digits on screen, print-out (optional)
80GB Solid State Drive, SQL database
USB (4) and Ethernet ports are bult-in; Wifi, RS-232 and others available using USB adapters