DA 7250™ NIR instrument overview

The DA 7250™ is the 3rd generation diode array based NIR instrument from Perten. It builds on the success of its predecessors which are used by close to 2,000 customers worldwide.

Many applications

The DA 7250™ NIR Analyzer analyzes samples in only 6 seconds, and can determine moisture, protein, fat, ash, starch and many other parameters with excellent accuracy. DA 7250 NIR AnalyzerAvailable factory calibrations cover a wide variety of products and parameters and are built from our global database which encompasses hundreds of thousands of samples.

Easy to use

It's very easy to analyze a sample. In most cases just pour the sample into an open-faced dish, place it in the DA 7250™ and it automatically starts the analysis. Results are presented on the large touchscreen. The instrument is fully stand-alone and no external computer is needed.

Minimal sample preparation

Where other NIR instruments require that samples are ground or homogenized prior to analysis, the DA 7250™ accurately analyzes samples as they are, minimizing the time from when you take the sample until you have the result. Grains, flakes, pellets, powders, pastes, slurries and liquids are all analyzed as they are without the need for expensive modules.

Accurate and rugged

The DA 7250™ is based on diode array technology which is accurate, robust and proven. In diode array technology there are no moving parts and this makes the DA 7250™ very suitable for challenging environments as it is not sensitive to vibrations or temperature. It is also IP65 certified which means it is dust and water-proof.