Accessories for NIR analysis

The DA 7250™ is designed to analyze samples as they are. With these sample presentation accessories, nearly every type of sample can be analyzed with little to no sample preparation, and minimal instrument hardware changeovers. Changing from solid to liquid analysis for example takes only a few seconds.

Small Sample Dish

When smaller volumes are available, the Small Sample Dish is an excellent way to present your sample to the DA 7250™. The Small Sample Dish is suitable for applications such as grains, ground forages and other agricultural products. It comes in a package of three dishes with volumes of 13, 22 and 43 ml respectively (US liquid oz. 0.44, 0.73 and 1.47).


Micro Mirror Module

When only a few grains or grams are available, the Micro Mirror Module is ideal. Its unique design (patent pending) enhances the signal from very small samples and enables highly accurate analysis.


Disposable Cup Module

Designed to handle slurries, pastes and opaque liquids. The Disposable Cup Module completely removes the need for cleaning between samples.


Clear Liquid Module

Designed for analysis of water-based liquids. A small amount of the liquid (< 1 ml) is administered to a filter pad. After analysis, simply remove the filter pad and prepare for the next sample. The filter pad provides a diffuse surface with constant pathlength.


Transflectance cup

This unique cell for analysis of liquids such as oils makes analysis rapid, accurate and easy. Simply administer the sample using a pipette and place it in the instrument. After the analysis, pour the sample out and wipe the cell off with a chem wipe or similar. The cell is made of non-stick Teflon which makes it easy to clean, with a gold layer underneath which provides diffuse reflectance of light back to the instrument.


Syrup cup

The Syrup Module is an accurate, easy-to-use accessory for NIR analysis of syrups and other high viscosity products. Pour your sample into the center area, strike-off excess into the outer ring and start the analysis. Clean-up consists of rinsing under warm water.


Closed Quartz Cup

The Closed Quartz Cup allows for analysis through a fused silica surface. While there are many good reasons for analyzing samples in open-faced dishes, this cup accessory is useful for users accustomed to analysis with closed cups.


Half-depth Dish

The Half-depth Dish is recommended for use whenever sample volume is limited and the sample is inhomogeneous. In such situations, results will benefit from analysis of a large sample area.


Petri Dish

Disposable Petri dishes can be used as sample accessories, in combination with rotating carriers. Petri dish carriers are available in large and small versions, for use with both 140 × 21 mm and 90 × 16.2 mm disposable Petri dishes.