Operating the BVM

  1. Set up a testOperating BVM 6600 a-e
    Turn on the instrument (Image a) and open the VolCalc software. In the VolCalc TEST SETTINGS panel, select the Product, Profile and Batch. If required, fasten an attachment on the support shaft and run the quickscan function for new product types.
  2. Position the sample
    Adjust the attachment and the support shaft position so that the laser will strike the center of the sample (Image b and c).  
  3. Weigh the sample
    Before attaching the sample, click ↑ to tare the load cell.
  4. Secure the sample
    Attach the sample so that the laser strikes the center of the product (Image d). Position the sample with any flat base facing away from you and the red mark on the chuck facing towards you (Image e).
  5. Run the test and view the results
    Click → to start the test. When the test is complete, VolCalc will show a 3D picture of the sample in the Graph window. Using the buttons in the Graph window, you can rotate the image, zoom in or out, print the image or copy the image to the clipboard. Sample volume, dimensions and other results are tabulated in the main window of the software.
Operating BVM 6600 bread Operating BVM 6600 graph window