Volume measurement applications

Volume measurements with the BVM 6600 is suitable for industrial bakeries, baking ingredients and yeast manufacturers, flour mill test baking and in institutes, universities and research centers for grain development and baking technology.

Bakery products:

Measure the volume of loaves, hearth breads, pan breads, hamburger buns, rolls, bagels, brotchen, cakes, muffins, cupcakes, sweet rolls and pastries, cookies, crackers, flat breads and steamed breads.

Quality Assurance and Control:

Monitor bread making conditions, flour quality and ingredient performance. Take control of quality across different batches, shifts and production sites. Ensure product volume and packaging are matched.

Product and Process Development:

Test kitchens, test bakeries and baking equipment suppliers: evaluate flour, ingredients, additives, improvers, processing equipment and methods.

Research and Development:

Universities, food research institutes and food ingredient suppliers: research new ingredients, products and processes.