Sample attachment accessories are available to connect to the support shaft to hold a variety of different shaped products for testing.

Attachments are available to hold small products such as hamburger buns, dinner rolls, brotchen, muffins, cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, scones and mantou, flat products such as pastries, strudels, cookies, crackers pizzas and pancakes and large products such as pan breads and hearth breads.

Adjustable attachments Hook attachments
This is used for small products like cookies, pralines and candy. These are mostly used in the smaller sized instruments.  These are mostly used for smaller or thin products, like apple strudel and baguettes.
Circular supports Flat supports
These are used for circular products and exist from a diameter of 30 mm to 280 mm for larger circular products like pizzas. These are used for most products. They exist in many different sizes for smaller and larger products. The nails are either 10 or 20 mm in height.