Verify raw materials and optimize processes

Wood chips

Determine extractives, ash, moisture and more in wood in as little as 6 seconds.


Non-performing resins can lead to out-of-spec production, create excessive waste, and even lead to expensive process shutdowns. Perten Instruments offers analytical instruments that measure key resin parameters in just a few seconds.

Monitoring and controlling resin quality is crucial to maintaining efficient production and profitability for wood product producers.

  • Analysing deliveries before unloading trucks help the wood products producers to avoid unloading out of specification deliveries into the storage tanks.
  • Analysing resin in the storage tanks allows the wood products producer to verify resin quality before pumping the resin into the manufacturing process.


Dried fiber/chips

Optimize dryer operation, avoid over-drying wood by precise and stable on-line measurement.

Resinated fiber/chips

  • Measure moisture to optimize drying and reduce waste due to incorrect drying
  • Measure resin load to optimize usage or resins

Both parameters can be measured on-line using our NIR process sensors, or at-line in only 6 seconds using the DA 7250™ NIR Analyzer.


Optimize line speed by on-line or at-line measurements of board moisture after press.

  • Reduced safety margins against targets
  • Direct documentation of results, no risk for typing errors
  • Save on labor costs
  • No limitation in oven capacity