NIR analysis of tobacco

A wide range of parameters can be determined with excellent accuracy using our NIR instruments, thanks to the use of modern diode array NIR technology. Their applications make them highly suitable in all steps of tobacco processing, from threshing to cigarette production.

Moisture / Oven Volatiles

Accurate results for all tobacco types using only one NIR calibration and no adjustments required when switching from one batch to another. Our instruments have calibrations for the oven Loss On Drying method as well as Karl Fischer, and are equally accurate in both cases.


Test sugar  with an accuracy similar to the Coresta reference method. Reducing sugars as well as total sugars can be determined in all tobacco products by our lab and online NIR instruments.


Determine nicotine in leaf tobacco, lamina, stems, cut tobacco and other products. Our instruments allow you to verify shipments against specifications, improve blends and ensure finished product nicotine content.


Measure menthol in cut tobacco in only seconds. The Gas Chromatograph reference method including sample preparation takes several hours and typically requires skilled lab staff. Using our NIR instruments accurate menthol testing is always available and can be carried out by production staff.


Nitrate can be measured with good accuracy in both leaf and cut tobacco.


Our NIR instruments can determine ammonia levels in cut tobacco.


Determine chloride levels in all types of tobacco, from leaf to cut tobacco.


Glycerin levels in cut tobacco can be measured by our NIR instruments, both on-line and in the lab.

Propylene glycol

Monitor propylene glycol content in cut tobacco.