What you can analyze

Our NIR instruments have a wide range of applications in sugar production, from the grading of cane to the verification of finished sugar.

All types of samples are analyzed in only 6 seconds on our benchtop NIR instrument, with little to no sample preparation needed. Our in-line NIR analyzer offers the same analyses in real-time in your process, directly linked to your process control system.

Sugar cane - Pol, Brix, Fiber

Juices - Pol, Brix

Filter Cake - Pol

Syrup - Pol, Brix

Massecuite - Pol, Brix

Molasses - Pol, Brix

Raw Sugar - Pol, Color, Moisture, Grain Size

Bagasse - Pol, Moisture

Affination Syrup - Pol, Brix

Affination Magma - Pol, Brix, Color

Melt Liquor - Pol, Brix, Color

Clarifed Liquor - Brix, pH

Filtered liquor - Pol, Brix

Refined Sugar - Pol, Color, Moisture