Instruments for sugar production

Our NIR instruments measure Pol, Brix, Conductivity, Moisture, Fiber and more in real-time in the process, or in just a few seconds in the lab.

The instruments are designed for use in the industry and combine research-grade accuracy with robustness and ease of use. They are all based on the same platform and data is transferable between them, streamlining instrument management and saving costs.

DA 7250™ - Rapid and Accurate At-line NIR

The DA 7250™ will increase lab throughput and give analysis results in only 6 seconds. Its unique sample presentation makes it very versatile and it easily analyzes shredded cane, beet brei, juices, cossettes, bagasse, beet pulp, molasses, sugar and more.


It's very easy to use and is confidently handled by lab technicians, seasonal workers, as well as plant operators. 

Sample preparation is minimal and there is little to no cleaning between samples, increasing lab throughput and removing common error sources.

Intake lab

The DA 7250™ determines pol, brix, conductivity and more for payment in just 6 seconds. It's easy to use, and in many cases seasonal staff analyze samples using the DA 7250™.

  • In cane processing the DA 7250™ can analyze juices as well as shredded cane. It analyzes a very large sample area which means analysis results are highly representative, even for inhomogeneous samples like shredded cane.
  • In beet processing it's highly suitable for analysis of brei. As samples are analyzed from above in open-faced dishes, there is minimal cleaning between samples.

Production lab

The DA 7250™ increases throughput, reduces labor costs, and gives engineers rapid results, enabling them to better control the production. Its versatility lets you analyze juices, cosettes, bagasse, massecuite, syrup, molasses, mud, sugar and more. Little to no sample preparation is required before analysis, and as analysis is performed in open-faced dishes minimal cleaning is required between samples

Sugar lab

The DA 7250™ is ideal for syrups and other samples that are difficult to handle. Several sample presentation options are available, including disposable cups.

The DA 7250™ measures moisture, pol and ash in sugar, and provides color estimates.

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DA 7440™ - Online NIR over conveyor belts

The DA 7440™ continuously measures a product flow over conveyor belts and similar, letting you monitor and optimize your production processes. Whether you process cane or beets, the DA 7440™ helps you become more efficient and save money.


Cane processing

Automated cane analysis In the cane lab the DA 7440™ can measure shredded cane from the corer, placed over a conveyor belt. This gives an automated analysis of the complete corer sample, with a fully representative analysis result.

Recover more sugar In the extraction step, the DA 7440™ can measure pol and more in the bagasse. This helps you optimize the process and recover more sugar.

Optimize bagasse drying You can to save money in bagasse drying by installing the DA 7440™ before and after the dryer, to continuously measure the moisture content and optimize drying.

Verify raw sugar quality The DA 7440™ can also measure moisture, pol, ash and more in raw sugar.

Beet processing

The DA 7440™ can measure in many places where the product is moved on conveyor belts or similar. Real-time measurement makes it possible to control and optimize several process steps.

  • Optimize draft by measuring pol sugar content in cosettes before they enter the diffusion process.
  • Adjust pulp diffusion and pressing by monitoring moisture and pol in pressed pulp.
  • Control pulp drying by measuring moisture before and after the dryer
  • Monitor molasses addition by measuring pellet sugar content

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DA 7300™ In-line NIR

The DA 7300™ continuously measures a product flow in a pipe, chute, chain conveyor or similar, looking at the product through a window. In addition to NIR measurement, the DA 7300™ includes a camera and can take still images as well as video, and can measure color.


Sugar cane - The DA 7300™ can be mounted at the wall of the shredder chute and give real-time measurement of pol, fiber, ash for payment and process control. It can be used as part of the Australian CAS system.

Bagasse - When bagasse is transported in a chute, chain conveyor or similar the DA 7300™ is ideal.

Sugar - Its built-in camera enables the DA 7300™ to determine color in sugar with very high accuracy. It can also determine pol, moisture and ash.


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